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Good Morning!


(This is actually what I ate on Monday)

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies

Thanks Jenn for hosting!


I made a new version of the Microwave English Muffin today.  The Microwaveable English Muffin that I used to make like 5 times a week was awesome but I always had extra “bread” and I ended up throwing some of it away half of the time- how wasteful!

So today I just changed up some of the ingredients a little bit.  I used less almond flour and egg, but that’s about the only differences!

paleo english muffin

Paleo English Muffin


3 tablespoons almond flour
1 egg white (the real thing)
pinch salt
1 tbsp melted butter
1/2 tsp baking powder


Mix all ingredients together into a bowl.  Pour batter into a separate bowl that is sprayed with non stick cooking spray.  Microwave for 90 seconds. Let cool before cutting. Toast if desired!

I also had 1/2 of a grapefruit.

This particular grapefruit is from straight from Florida and it was the best one I’ve ever had.  It was SO juicy and wasn’t too tart.



Veggie salad with avocado, topped with a fried egg. Strawberries on the side.





Berry Protein Loaf with a scoop of almond butter


Cadbury Egg – I couldn’t resist!

ump rocky road 005


Spaghetti Squash Bake

spag squash bake

I didn’t have all the ingredients so I changed it up a bit:

1 Medium sized squash (cooked)
1 egg white
2 handfuls of spinach
2 oz. feta cheese
spices: basil, oregano, s&p, garlic powder

Bake for 40 Minutes.


A Warm Cinnamon Roll- Well Kind of :)

I love food 014

A Quest Protein Bar– Cinnamon Roll flavor- warmed in microwave for 15 seconds :)

I hope your WIAW was as tasty as mine!

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  1. says

    Oooo Cadbury Eggs…they get me every time. My favorite Easter candy, though, is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup eggs. I swear those babies have 3x as much peanut butter as the original ones!

    • says

      They are one of my favorites. I dont eat a ton of protein bars, but when I do the others I like are Luna Bars (blueberry), Think Thin, and the KIND+protein. I try to eat bars with <10 grams of sugar.

  2. Erin K says

    LOVE your paleo english muffin – so easy and so satisfying… totally kills my craving for white bread when I have one…. Loving making this in the morning and putting almond butter and a tiny bit of fruit on the top. Even put bacon on it once… SO GOOD :) thanks for the FAST QUICK idea :)))

  3. Karen R says

    Just found you and made the paleo English muffin right away. Topped it with homemade walnut butter. Super easy DELICIOUS! I’m looking forward to using it as a faux pizza crust. I’ll be a subscriber now!


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