Lily Turns Five & A Healthy 3-Ingredient Cookie

Good Morning!  Happy Friday!

Tuesday Lily turned 5!!  She’s getting so big.  I wish she would get better with age, but I guess that’s just not in the cards for me.  Oh well, I still love her even though she is absolutely insane!


Yes, she is seriously crazy.  Ask anyone!

After crossfit I went to Petsmart to get her a birthday present.  I figured a huge bone would be just fine.  It was very messy so she had to chew on it outside and she stayed out there for a couple hours, my plan worked perfectly :)  She also got a new pink collar (shes wearing it in the first picture), so girly.


Jackson also played outside with his brother who lives next door.  They are just the cutest.


Crossfit was a rough one on Tuesday.  We had to carry dumbbells full of weight around the building twice followed by Bottom’s up Push press.  A bottom up Push Press is basically just a push press holding the kettle bell upside down, which takes more balance than normal.

We had to do 5 with each arm.  My shoulders were on FIRE by the time I was done and my back was so sore from carrying that dumb thing around so much!  I think my spine is permanently bruised.  The crossfit coach says you never know when you are going to have to carry heavy (excuse my language) shit around..  I guess that’s true and I’ll be prepared!

barbell carry wod

The prescribed weight for women was 105 and 35 but I only used 85 lbs and a 15 lb kettlebell, and thank God because I was dying.

I finished with 3 full rounds plus 15 meters of another barbell carry.

Since I decided to change up my workout routine a little bit I thought I would share what I did the rest of the week:

  • Monday- Crossfit
  • Tuesday- Crossfit
  • Wednesday- OFF
  • Thursday- OFF
  • Friday- Maybe do my own workout?
  • Saturday- Crossfit
  • Sunday- Run


I made a huge salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, a tiny bit of feta cheese,  pine nuts, a hard boiled egg, 1/2 garlic and asiago chicken sausage, 1/4 avocado, and raisins.  I also made Eric one.  He loves my salads, and to be honest they are the bomb!


I snacked on a few almonds too.

After lunch I did some running around with my momma which give me a huge craving for ice cream!  I made a stop at good ole McD’s for a vanilla cone.  Eric had an Oreo McFlurry.  2 great choices if you ask me!


Dinner came pretty early since that ice cream cone plus a few carrots were my only snacks.  I made a Laura’s lean burger with sauteed asparagus and watermelon.  Fantastic dinner.


Oh, of course ketchup for my burger.  It just wouldn’t be the same without it!

After dinner I made these amazing 3 Ingredient Healthy Macademia Nut Cookies: (that you may have seen on instagram) Recipe Adapted From Tina at CarrotsNCake.  I think I love Nikki’s Coconut butter just as much as Tina does!


I used almonds instead of walnuts and a different flavor of coconut butter:

They did turn out incredible!

3 ingredient cookie

Try this cookie please!  Have a good weekend everyone!

PS.  If you love cookies, check out these paleo chocolate chip cookies...I plan on trying them soon :)

Also- It’s National Donut Day!- Dunkin Donuts will give you a free donut if you buy coffee (or any drink I think)

What’s your favorite healthIER dessert?


  1. says

    Happy birthday to Lily! I love that you go out and buy her something to celebrate… I’ve always done the same thing, and even though my dogs probably never had any idea what was going on, it always made me feel better :)

    As for healthier desserts, I’m going to go with chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on this one. I try to cut back on some of the butter and sugar, and adding oatmeal totally makes it healthy, right? 😉

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to Lily!! :)

    Don’t you just love the ice cream cones from McDonald’s? They are cheap, pretty low on calories, and SO delicious. I love getting those when an ice cream craving comes on.

  3. says

    Happy Birthday Lily!! I really need to try some of that coconut butter…I’ve read about it so many places and haven’t heard one bad thing about it.

    Have you ever grilled your asparagus? My mom grilled some a few weeks ago along with our burgers and it was amazing!!

    • says

      YOu should really get some, its sooooo freaking good! I did want to grill the asparagus but I ran out of foil, so I just did it on the stove, and it was still excellent!

  4. says

    I love those vanilla cones in the summer! I wish my step-dog would get better with age too. No luck — he’s grumpy and licks his paws really loudly. At least he’s cute!! Haha.

  5. says

    Awww Happy Birthday Lily! 😉 My dog is about 6 (I think???) Don’t worry mine isn’t gettting much better with age eihter lol I seriously think Cookie (my dog) is nuts. She gets random anxiety and gets scared to walk through hallways at times. She comes up with all kinds of crazy fears. Poor dog. I think it’s cause we bought her at a pet store. The things they do to pets there… :( That was before I knew.

    Anyway, lots of yummy food on here! And that is one awesome cookie! So easy! :)


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