Last Week’s Workouts

Hello!  Happy Monday!

I haven’t done a fitness update in a while so I thought I would share what I have been up to lately in the gym!  I’ve been doing crossfit still, but also adding in a little bit of barbell club work on my days off to get in some extra strength pieces.  

I’ve also been working out about 6 days per week and this week I was proud of myself for taking 2 full rest days!  We all know that rest days are needed so our muscles can recover and rebuild!  My rest days still include lots of walking (at work) and lots of stairs (laundry at home) so that still counts for being active! 

So here was the breakdown!

Monday: Crossfit


I PR’d on my deadlift by 10 pounds and now I am up to 235!  Woo hoo!

The WOD on the other hand was pretty hard because I hate strict push ups!  I did 4 Rounds + 4 Push Ups RX.  It was a tough one for me.

Tuesday: Crossfit + Barbell Club Dynamic Effort Upper

row baby row

I completed the 500 Meter Row in 1:53 and then did the WOD Almost RX- I used a smaller size band for the Dips.  B2B squat = Bottom To Bottom Squat, so basically you just start at the bottom 😉

I finished the WOD in 12:52. 

Barbell Club:  I Worked on Upper Body Strength with different kinds of bench press, and did  some accessory work including working on:  General Jumping,  Belt Squats, and Kettlebell Snatches

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  Barbell Club:

Max Effort Work on Lower Body:  Worked on Deficit Deadlift and lower body accessory which included:  Snatch Pulls, Weighted Back Extensions, Barbell Rows, Windmills, and KB Squat Jumps

Saturday:  Crossfit:  Couple/Group WOD

group wod thruster

 Basically how this works is each person doe the Base Station Work and you cannot move on until each person finishes.  Stations 1-5 you split the work until completed. 

I did this wod with my sister:


 We did the work RX finishing in 24:06.  It was definitely harder than it looked!

Sunday:  Hot Yoga at Simply Power Yoga


I’ve only been to yoga twice in my life but never hot yoga.  My friend Mary taught the class and I loved the hot yoga even more than regular yoga, and I will definitely go back!

Questions of the day:

Have you done hot yoga, like or dislike?

How many rest days do you take?




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    Speaking of rest day! Today is mine and it’s broo-tall. I take 1 rest day a week and truly honor it. I used to have “active rest days” where I would walk, dance, hike, or purposefully take the stairs at work (11 flights)…who does that?! Not this girl! haha

    Back to your question, one day of rest since I do heavy endurance training and lifting 6 days a week. The only thing I change on rest days is my nutrition. A little less carbs/sugar and amp up the protein and veggies. Which is pretty difficult considering half my body mass is veggies 😉 lol, great post!
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