I’m Still Alive!


If you were wondering where I have been this past month, don’t you fret any longer, because I am still here!!  

I’ve had so much going on in life that I just decided I would put blogging on the back burner, and even though I do LOVE blogging, I still probably won’t post something every day.  I love reading blogs and I love that people read mine so my goal is to still write even though it may not be 24/7. 

It's ok to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on you.  Happy Sunday!  New recipes this week?  New opportunities to try something new!


So here’s a little glance into what I have been doing lately, besides working full-time and being a wife and mom!

1.   My first niece was born February 28th!  I love her so much!!  I really cannot get enough of her.


Her name is Gwyneth Noelle


2.   I’ve been participating in the Crossfit Open 2014.  This was the last workout and we find out what 14.4 is tonight!


I completed 100 reps, which I was pretty happy about!

3.   Eric has decided to try going gluten-free, so I’ve been doing lots of research and shopping!  I went WAY over my budget this week!!


4.   I participated in my first crossfit competition!  (I’ll share more next week!)


Today is officially the first day of Spring!  Get out there and enjoy it!

Flower Photography - Pink Tulips Photograph Award Winning Photograph 8 x 10 Boston Public Gardens Photograph.

 What have you been up to lately?



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    Gluten-Free definitely can rob the bank -but what I completely recommend is you buy from the BULK BIN if you ever want gluten-free ingredients like flours and what not! I went over there today to get some coconut flour and per pound it was $4.50 – but if you travel over the the already bagged coconut flour it’s like $9.50 per pound!!! CRAZY!
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