Klutch Club Box Review


Recently I had the opportunity to try out my first Klutchclub Box!  I was so excited when my first box came in the mail!  I mean, who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail!?  I felt like a kid again.

I got my first box in February and here it is!


 “KLUTCHclub is a subscription box service which sends a curated box of 9-12 exceptional health and wellness products direct to your door every month. We guarantee each box is packed with at least $50 of yummy snacks, interesting beverages, supplements, personal care products, and gift cards.”  (Klutchclub.com)

 I was pumped when I opened it and saw all the goodies, especially the pop chips on the top!  My favorite flavor!

raw rev

 This little Raw Rev bar was my absolute favorite thing in the box!  I loved the chewy texture and the fact that it was raw and organic, but still tasted great made me smile. I can’t wait to try more flavors.



I found some more of these bars at Whole Foods too!

 Smooch:  This was fantastic!  100% natural real fruit and they are packed so they are easy to take on the go!  These would be great for kids lunches.


 I’m not a huge soda drinker (or pop, as we call it in Ky) but I loved the fact that this Loca Diet Cola is made with natural sweeteners and not those nasty artificial ones!  I actually did like the flavor a lot and it hit the spot!  There are some days when I crave that bubbly-ness from a pop. 

The mellow mango sweet dreams had GREAT flavor.  I could drink this every night If I needed to.  The entire bottle only has 35 calories, but I don’t know if you are supposed to drink the whole thing at once or not?  Either way, I would definitely buy it again!


 Seasonal relief:  I haven’t tried yet

Love this conditioner!

Bottle Bright:  I like the idea to clean my shakers, and I’m sure they would be good for baby bottles too! 

kk box

 I followed the instructions on the package exactly for the bottle bright, and my shaker was nice and clean and fresh after.  I love that it is all natural too.

 bottle bright


 I love all the hemp products!  The hemp hearts were great on top of my oatmeal and added a nutty flavor!  I think I will try them in a smoothie next time! 



 The Runa tea was fantastic.  It is not caffeine free so be aware to not drink at night if caffeine keeps you up! 

runa collage

 I added some honey to mine even though it already had a natural sweet taste to it.  You could drink it plain and it would taste great too.   I love the fact that is has antioxidants in it also. 

runa tea

 My Review:  A+

  1. Awesome price for ALL the great items that you get!  Only 18.00 for all these awesome samples.  
  2. Most monthly boxes that I’ve seen only give you a few small samples, but I got TONS of great items plus coupons!
  3. I LOVED everything in the box!
  4. The samples range from food/snacks to body/hair care and much more!
  5. There was only 1 item that I have had before and all the others were new to me, so I got to try some new treats!

I kept my Klutchclub monthly package and got a fantastic box in March too!  I love being able to try new things without buying a whole box and then end up hating the product! 

April’s box looks pretty amazing, so you should go check it out!  

Now the exciting part:  If you use the Code ZZFITKLUTCHCAKER you can receive 20% off of the auto-renewing, or non renewing Best of Box until April 30th!

Have you tried Klutch Klub?  Join in on the fun!




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