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Indoor Pollution Awareness

When you someone hears the word pollution, he usually thinks of black smoke in the air getting out of manufactures. This image represent pollution indeed, but in many cases the pollution is unseen by the eyes. Furthermore, pollution is not only outdoors, but could also be indoor, in your house or your 21office. Here are sources of indoor pollution

  • Mold and pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household products and pesticides
  • Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • Materials used in the building such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead

Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome ? The explanation resembles a ghost story. Researchers noticed that a group of people have symptoms that seem to be linked to time spent in a certain building. While the cause of the illness can’t be found, there may be a specific cause like a pneumonia disease.
A good ventilation system installed in the building is the solution to cope with pollutants risks, and in the case of an indoor home, an air purifier is the adequate device to shop and which are not as expensive as they used to be.IAQ-Graphic_AirAdvice
Usually, discomfort is the sign that indicated presence of indoor air quality problems. This is why when the source of is removed, most people feel better afterwards. But everyone should be aware that there are diseases caused by some pollutants that are noticeable only after a certain amount of time after inhalation.
Having an indoor pet is also another source of allergic issues. Even the air purifiers today are not an ultimate solution for pet dander and other types of allergens that cats and dogs produce. Guardian Technologies is a company specialized in making air purifiers and which the popularity is increasing lately. They have a special model for pets, but I´m not so sure about the efficiency of this air purifier and which is called Gemrguardian AC5250PT. I would like to hear from you on the comment if anyone has already used this type of devices.

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Dehumidification as A Ventilation Method

Buildings are after all a means of protection for people living in them. Design and construction of these are influenced by many things like culture, climate, local resources. Today, there are several international and national codes and guidelines that regulates the construction industry and mainly for the security of the society. These guidelines are often here to make sure that construction meet the quality needed. Moisture problems have been a topic of interest for many scientists.
In order to keep people living in buildings safe from harm, ventilation is a system that is supposed to be in charge of removing or diluting pollutants as well as controlling thermal environment and humidity in these living spaces. Pollutants and humidity found in houses are supposed to be removed with the presence of a sufficient ventilation.

Ventilation Methods

Ventilation can be supplied by different mechanical and natural methods. Like many things in life, these methods bring positive and negative effects, but it does prevent many health problems.
if not properly designed, installed, maintained and operated (Mendell, Smith 1990; Seppänen, 2004; Mendell et al., 2007), as ventilation can then allow the entry of harmful substances that degrade the indoor environment. When it comes to mechanical methods, devices should be properly designed and installed in order not to allow harmful substances to get inside homes which deteriorate indoor environment.

Indoor Air Dehumidification

One of these methods is dehumidification of indoor air. Using a dehumidifier, a cooling coil calculates the dehumidified air and condenses water which will be drained afterward and collected in a water bucket. After this process of dehumidification, the air is either heated or cooled by the same unit which will release it back to room temperature. According to The National Center for Biotechnology, these dehumidifiers are particularly effective for temporary use. It´s also recommended not to go lower than 45% of relative humidity when dehumidifying the air as it´s the the limit value for mites growth. One of the popular devices of this type today are Frigidaire Dehumidifiers and which are different in dehumidifying capacity — 30, 50 and 70 pint per day.

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Having A Dust Collection System in the Woodshop

Same as taking care of our health in term of diet, having an effective dust collection system in the workplace is not so appealing when it comes to interior design, but we are sure that it´s good for our health.
Neglecting the option of having a device to clean our environment can eventually cause harm to our health. According to The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration  our skin and respiratory systems can become sensitized to wood dust, in other words, being exposed to this type of particles could cause allergic reactions that could end up with the individual having asthma. Just like any harmful substance, small as it could be, accumulation of dust could result in serious hazards other than respiratory ones. When dust is accumulated , the floor becomes slippery and could also catch fire in case it is hit by a stray spark. A dust collecting system will also contribute to the quality of your woodworking and help it to stay clean on a daily basis.dust collection
Thanks to technology today which has made dust related issues easier to deal with devices not so excessively expensive. Many dust collecting systems are today easy to use, like the Festool Dust Extractor, as it has an easy add-on to plug to your power tools. Technology has allowed these little monster to reach a very high suction rate without having to be a big sturdy ugly machine. A dust extractor, or a dust collector, is an item that you can put in your garage or woodshop without taking up much floor space. The long hose makes the task easier as you can begin your suction without having to move it next to you. It is now pretty much a big brother of a vacuum cleaner but with more power of course. The Festool one has other great features like the HEPA filter and the brake which is useful when transporting it on a car.


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