Having A Dust Collection System in the Woodshop

Same as taking care of our health in term of diet, having an effective dust collection system in the workplace is not so appealing when it comes to interior design, but we are sure that itĀ“s good for our health.
Neglecting the option of having a device to clean our environment can eventually cause harm to our health. According to The federal Occupational Safety and Health AdministrationĀ  our skin and respiratory systems can become sensitized to wood dust, in other words, being exposed to this type of particles could cause allergic reactions that could end up with the individual having asthma. Just like any harmful substance, small as it could be, accumulation of dust could result in serious hazards other than respiratory ones. When dust is accumulated , the floor becomes slippery and could also catch fire in case it is hit by a stray spark. A dust collecting system will also contribute to the quality of your woodworking and help it to stay clean on a daily basis.dust collection
Thanks to technology today which has made dust related issues easier to deal with devices not so excessively expensive. Many dust collecting systems are today easy to use, like the Festool Dust Extractor, as it has an easy add-on to plug to your power tools. Technology has allowed these little monster to reach a very high suction rate without having to be a big sturdy ugly machine. A dust extractor, or a dust collector, is an item that you can put in your garage or woodshop without taking up much floor space. The long hose makes the task easier as you can begin your suction without having to move it next to you. It is now pretty much a big brother of a vacuum cleaner but with more power of course. The Festool one has other great features like the HEPA filter and the brake which is useful when transporting it on a car.


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