Indoor Pollution Awareness

When you someone hears the word pollution, he usually thinks of black smoke in the air getting out of manufactures. This image represent pollution indeed, but in many cases the pollution is unseen by the eyes. Furthermore, pollution is not only outdoors, but could also be indoor, in your house or your 21office. Here are sources of indoor pollution

  • Mold and pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household products and pesticides
  • Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • Materials used in the building such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead

Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome ? The explanation resembles a ghost story. Researchers noticed that a group of people have symptoms that seem to be linked to time spent in a certain building. While the cause of the illness can’t be found, there may be a specific cause like a pneumonia disease.
A good ventilation system installed in the building is the solution to cope with pollutants risks, and in the case of an indoor home, an air purifier is the adequate device to shop and which are not as expensive as they used to be.IAQ-Graphic_AirAdvice
Usually, discomfort is the sign that indicated presence of indoor air quality problems. This is why when the source of is removed, most people feel better afterwards. But everyone should be aware that there are diseases caused by some pollutants that are noticeable only after a certain amount of time after inhalation.
Having an indoor pet is also another source of allergic issues. Even the air purifiers today are not an ultimate solution for pet dander and other types of allergens that cats and dogs produce. Guardian Technologies is a company specialized in making air purifiers and which the popularity is increasing lately. They have a special model for pets, but I´m not so sure about the efficiency of this air purifier and which is called Gemrguardian AC5250PT. I would like to hear from you on the comment if anyone has already used this type of devices.

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